What is my work about?

Primarily it is about helping people connect to the deeper truth of who they really are. Supporting individuals, couples and groups to improve their intimate relationships and expand themselves emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and sexually.

To find clarity on issues are stopping them from connecting deeply with both themselves and others, and ultimately enjoying true fulfillment in their lives.

A fundamental part of the work that I do is about sex and intimacy, as well as personal empowerment and freedom.


Due to cultural conditioning, most people are experiencing limiting social beliefs, shame and guilt within the realms of love, sex and relationships. My work is also about supporting individuals to integrate and heal their emotional bodies.

For too long we have lived in a society that does not support us to listen to our emotions, to be at peace with them, and to use our emotional energy wisely as a guide as to what is right, true and has meaning in our lives – rather than a toxic energy that is repressed and then bursts out creating chaos and disharmony.

Developing a healthy sexuality and healing the emotional body are cornerstones of this work.


I help people drop deeply into their bodies to release and feel what is holding them back.

This enables clients go on to developing more fulfilling relationships, deeper intimacy and a more empowered self in their world.

Did you know that your self-esteem is directly related to your sexual self-esteem?


With my work you can

  • Explore how to move from a mind-focused reality into a deeper, more connected and vibrantly alive way of being.
  • Unleash the wisdom held in your body
  • Overcome relationship and intimacy issues
  • Find your clarity, your voice and your power
  • Learn to relax and allow yourself to be liberated, more in your ease, and able to make decisions from a whole place.
  • Create regular practices that support your growth and development.
  • Explore your erotic potential and how your spirituality and sexuality are intrinsically linked and connected
  • Take a quantum leap in your emotional, spiritual and sexual development


I will compassionately guide you through any resistance you may have and support you to totally accept yourself, to feel whole and develop your capacity to love and be loved.


My Approach

The work I do is from a Somatic approach. We will be working with the body, using the  tantric tools of breath, sound, movement placement of awareness and touch. These powerful tools enable you to connect with your body’s wisdom, move energy through your body, transform and release un-resolved emotional material and trauma held in the body and expand your capacity for pleasure.

I offer:

  • One on one sessions for personal growth and development. From my temple space in Mount Maunganui
  • Deep Immersions – for a truly transformational and fast track approach come and have a private 1;1 immersive experience. You can book a series of sessions with me over a short break away, or come and stay with me in my temple. P.O.A
  • Experiential programs, Weekend Retreats, Couples workshops, Singles nights, and longer trainings.
  • A wide range educational sessions and seminars for individuals, couples and groups who wish to learn more about the Tantric Path.
  • I am also often teaching internationally -Please check the events page for more details.